We aim to enrich and develop the local economy, by providing a superior and authentic product with genuine and consistent customer service.

A Durban based company that specializes in design, production and the manufacturing of textiles.We design and manufacture a wide variety of non-woven textiles that is used for the bedding and removal blanket industries nationwide. We also provide rotary screen-printing and quilting services


Nyati Textiles was started by Keith Upton who entered the textile industry in 1976. His  first business was Vision Creations, a company that screen printed designs and motifs  onto T-shirts and sleepwear shirts. Keith’s vision ventured into more specific textile  practices and products of manufacturing non-woven products, rotary screen printing,  and finishing fabrics while supplying under felt components to the home furnishing and  bedding industries.

After 37 years in the textile industry Keith is now taking a positive step for the future of  Nyati Textiles and joined with his son Steve Upton. One of Stevens’s visions is to build  Nyati’s reputation and grow the company into a national supplier of mattress and  transport components, at the same time enriching the local community and looking into  environment friendly technologies. PRODUCTS


Our needle punched non-woven, also known as needled felts, transforms the fibres into a nonwoven fabric. This traditional method used is suitable in terms of flexibility, quality and the diversity of the product. The process is created mechanically with interlocking fibres from a carded web. There are a few products which can be made using this process from the mattress to the automotive indsutries, namely: pet blankets, carpet underfelt blankets, utility blankets, transport/furniture removal blankets, and mattress pads.


Durable and colourful blankets perfect for any canine. We do custom branding for big quantities, or one can choose from our other prints.


The under felt is strong and durable with excellent heat and sound insulation properties, suitable for heavy domestic and commercial uses.


They are soft, large, yet lightweight and compact. Covered in a stitch bond finishing, with zigzag quilting, over-locked and double stitched binding.


The perfect cost replacement to bubble wrap and cardboard. The transport removal blankets are designed to protect furniture while transporting.





Re-usable for soft surface protection, with a non-penetrable backing making it perfect for painting protection. A universal drip mat that helps prevents staining.





We offer a variety mattress pad, which are used inside the mattress to help prevent damage from the springs. 










Virgin hollow fibre, please see grammages below.

Up to 2M
up to 50m
Hollow fibers are widely used in a number of   applications to insulate and enhance resilience in needle punched  non- wovens, pillows, cushion, quilts, duvets, filling, wadding, and fiberfill



We provide a rotary screen-printing supply business primarily servicing the government departments and the hospitality industry in South Africa and the neighboring Southern countries. We do custom printing and supply directly to hotels and hospitals as well as indirectly via companies who have their products manufactured by us.

  • Print up to 4 colors
  • Existing library of commercial screens used
  • Minimum order 500m
  • Print personalized designs, artwork and screens must be supplied
  • Fabrics: Spun bond, Stitch bond , enquire with in for other fabrics



We also do have a wide variety of finishing products onto fabrics by either impregnation or coating with chemicals, which we then heat set in large horizontal stenters (ovens). The fabrics need to be processed at high temperatures in order for the dyes and chemicals to be effective. Some of the processes done are: Antimicrobial, Scotch Guarding, and Anti Grease.

We have recently purchased new machines to enhance the service and products that we offer. A jigger is now installed whereby we are able to dye fabrics to customer specifications.



New quilting machine that now gives us the ability to do our own quilting in house and offer this as an additional service to our customers. We have up to 40 design patterns available.